Tuesday, 19 July 2011

First things first

The classic bartending tome, The Savoy Cocktail Book, famously commences with the confident salvo "Hereinafter learn all that is known about cocktails". That's a tall order. If it were 1930 and you were Harry Craddock, you could just about get away with it, but these days, even the most talented, well-versed bartender can stumble across a blogpost or a video and realise that for thirty years, they've been making an ever-so-slightly worse mint julep than they should have been. Or that some guy in New Zealand with way too much time on his hands has worked out how to create a manhattan made of sand or a vermouth-scented hair conditioner. So, this blog will have to adopt a slightly more conservative aim: "Hereinafter learn about one percent of all that is known about cocktails". There'll also be posts about various bars, bartenders, techniques trends and spirits. There could even well be some beer and wine, both of which are fine beverages in their way and don't even require a pretentious spoon. Though,in my view, that's a slight disadvantage. In any case, who's up for a drink?

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